10 Breakthrough Methods to Create an Eye catching Web Design

10 method web design

Creating an eye catching website online can impact your web hits in a great way. Having one or two people turn their head every now and then is an average result, but having thousands turn their head, is an amazing success. Creating a website that is liked by all who view it is certainly the goal for every web designer as well as company owner.

What are the 10 breakthrough methods to create an eye catching web design?

1. Large Images. Large images always spark up controversy and can easily been seen.
2. Big Bold Text.Getting the word out in a big format is the way to go!
3.Orange or Blue. Use orange for marketing and use blue for business.
4.Responsive Works. You must first learn to satisfy all types of visitors coming from all forms of devices which is why a responsive design is needed.
5.Videos that play upon load. Adding a body tag to execute a video to load for every visitor that lands on the page is a breakthrough method that will create an eye catching effect.
6.Round Hand Writing. Think of the font arial round and mesh it up with hand writing. This will produce a more illustrative text affect.
7.Menu Spotter. Placing a menu in an eye catching zone like on the top right section of a website is recommended to do.
8.Take a breather. In the midst of all designing, go outdoors and explore nature. Nature has a lot of interesting shapes,patterns, and colors!
9.Animated Effects. Animations are eye catching as well as very engaging. Create a lightweight javascript animation on your homepage to get some extra head turns and clicks.
10.Contact Box. Create a large, popup, and unique contact box to make if fun for your visitors to reach you. The 10 design methods listed above are proven to create eye catching web designs.

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