3 New Menu Trends You May Starting Seeing on the Web 3 New Menu Trends You May Starting Seeing on the Web

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A web menu is the only place where a new web visitor has the chance to move around a website. A one-page design menu navigates within its own page and a multi-page menu makes a transition from page to page. Aside from these 2 forms of navigations, there are 3 popular menu styles that you must know for your company.

1-Three Bar Menu. This menu is also known as the mobile menu. A very popular trend due to the positive responses from the average website visitor.

2-Full Screen Menu. The full-screen menu is a new trend that has a unique effect on an average navigation. Upon clicking a link, the menu will take hold and resize to the full screen size.

3-Top Right Menu. This is one of the most popular menu types that holds very strong. This is the typical menu location that has been around for years. Why is it still popular? Well, the human eye is very familiar to always looking in the top right direction.

Three Menu Tips

1-Do not Overstuff. Never add too many links to your menu.

2-Keep it Simple. Reserve your menu for the most important links of your website. Example: Home,About,Services,and Contact. These are the primary menu items that are seen on the average website. 'Blog', is a new menu item that has become increasingly popular. Having a blog on a company site is great for SEO and that is the reason why it is also becoming a popular menu item to have displayed.

3-Eye Catching location. Always keep in mind that your menu should be visible. Place your menu it an eye-catching location where the average web visitor can easily locate it to navigate throughout your website.

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