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Every company has their own custom visual brand identity. At NTW Designs, we are known for offering a great brand identity package that is in full resolution. When thinking of a businesses name, a person will associate the name with an image. Just like a person associating a friends name with his/her face. Your companies graphics are your ‘face’. It is important to be very unique from all the rest that are in your category. Being unique isn’t just being different on purpose to make that change,but it is to focus on what you do that others don’t. Be true to yourself and be true to your brand. Once you figure that out, you can extract that idea and emphasize it on to an image. Everything from an images font size to graphic to color impacts an individual's  brain and sets a tone on their mood.

Read below some of the most important things to know one when discussing your companies brand identity.


The Colors

Getting the color tones right for your business should be at the top of your list. What do you showcase on your website? If its related to fitness, colors that represent health and nature would be a perfect fit and give an individual that spark when looking at a photo. If your company is darker and more serious, tones of dark brown and shades of gray can make that impact. Select your color tones before starting to think about your image graphic. The color sets the mood.


Comparison of Corporations

Know your brand and others that are in the same category. It is important to do some research on your business. For example, book covers and magazines are known to showcase a face or a model on the cover and have a color theme within text fonts that is more memorable than the changing issue graphic. If you are in question of what type of graphics your company needs, look up acouple of the top businesses in your category and you will find your answer very quickly.


Visual Identities: Logo - Business Card- Website

Do all of your graphics have the same color tones, logo, and theme?  No matter how big or small your fan base is, if your company doesn’t have a recognizable image, they won’t be memorable. You must be very direct with your brand and have an image that a person can automatically recognize. If your logo colors are different from your website theme or business card, it can be confusing for an individual to remember your company or recognize your company by a look at the selected image.  Keep everything matching and complimentary.


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