Case Study: Brand Identity and E-Commerce Lead Production

case study brand identity

In today’s case study, we will prove that brand identity does influence an e-commence lead production. Producing leads on the web is by gaining views and online that can only be done through proper SEO. Thus, a website should be properly designed to display the brand image of a company online to satisfy any new visitor that may land on the page.

Graphic Design of Images. All website images must follow a graphic design theme in terms of color and theme.

Positive Influence: Positive website bring even more leads. They are much more warm and friendlier.

E-Commence and Brand Identity: Discovering the right brand identity image should be done before creating an e-commerce.

Product Url and Description: Product URL and Description is key for good SEO and URL expansion.

User Visibility: The more visitors on a website, the higher chances sales increasing for an e-commerce store. Getting an e-commerce store visibility high to the right user targets can certainly increase sales.

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