Defining a Great Web Design

great design

A great web design contains different competent. The overall web experience should be 5 stars for a web design to be categorized as great.

1- Design. The visual design itself should look appealing for the audience and have a great representation of the brand itself.

2- Up To DATE. A great web design should be up to date with the latest trends.

3- Coding. Clean coding inside the script is recommended. As much reduction in line count on the CSS file is recommended.

4- Speed. Web page speed is a must!

5- Use.The overall performance of a web page on all devices is the other most important thing that defines a great web design.

Conclusion, a great web design must be great for 3 parties.The first party is the company itself. The company who owns the domain should ultimately be satisfied with the web design. The second party is the developer who knows all about coding and SEO. The developer must ensure that he has exceeded the work that he can do inside the design in terms of clean coding and proper SEO. The third party is the user. Every web page visitor has an option and they must be very pleased with the design. These are the 3 parties that define a great web design.

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