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The menu is the only navigation that exists on a website. Being that the nav is so important, there are some things that every web designer should come to terms with.


1-Important links. A menu is not a place of clutter or mess. Only the most important links should go on a menu. Some of these items include the home page, about page, services page, reviews page, and contact page.

2-Reduce Effects. Keep a menu simple. This means having little to no special javascript effects on a menu.

3-Location. A Menu should be in a visible location for the web visitor to see automatically once landing on your web page.

Menu Story: Alister was a sailor. He was known to sail the highest of all tides and he enjoyed sailing in low tides throughout his many journeys. One day, a storm came upon his ship. Alister woke up and ran to find the steering wheel aka the navigation. With all the mist surrounding him, he could not see where it was. Once the fog blew alway, Alister was then ready to take ahold of the steering wheel and go to his desired route..

Relation to a Website Nav: As the story relates above, the nav is the most important part and the only navigation on a website. Broken links and too many effects will make it hard for the navigation to be found and used.

Concluding Statement: A web page should have a simple,visible, and light weight menu at all times.

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