Terms and Conditions   Active as of November 19, 2016

Company: www.NTWDesigns.com & NTW Designs LLC

Client: Referring to Customer - Purchaser. You/Your Referring to Customer

1. NTW DESIGNS LLC Company and Current Services

NTW Designs LLC official URL: www.NTWDesigns.com is a digital agency providing web services online. NTW Designs LLC creates,customizes,designs, integrates, and modifies web designs ( including templates)  and graphic design images.

NTW Designs Integrating coding for web protection, Installation, Implementation,  Upload Websites, Provides Webmaster Services ( see packages) , GPL theme css customizing  and using knowledge for SEO strategy.

All services will be available on the website. Please refer to  www.Ntwdesigns.com to see the latest services available at the given price at the current date.


Service and Packages are defined and specified on www.Ntwdesigns.com.

Comparison Page will show what the packages offer in an up to date version.

EXCEPTION TO WHOM MAY APPLY: Special Packages may be created  if requested by the Client to a www.NTWDesigns.com.

2. Website Privacy Policy: IP, Cookies, AND Email Privacy.

Ip Registered. When browsing  www.Ntwdesigns.com a viewers ip will be stored.

Cookies may be stored on your browsers,but visitor has the option of clearing cookies or opening a private window.

Emails. Emails between  www.Ntwdesigns.com and Client will be private.

Client is not allowed to share emails publicly in any form and for any use.

3.Payment Policy

Payments for services on this website are required to be paid in full per product selection.

All payments are processed through secure Paypal terminal on NTWDesigns.com.

The purchase page will contain a secure SSL Certificate to ensure on page security when purchasing.

Being that the terminal will be through Paypal, www.NTWDesigns.com doesn’t obtain any sensitive payment information from the purchase.

www.NTWDesigns.com only obtains informations such as: Full Name, Email Address, and Ip address

If client requests any other form of payment, it must be prior consulted and approved with NTW Designs LLC.  With any other form of payment not listed here,  these terms and conditions still apply.

-Discounts. If a representative from www.Ntwdesigns.comgives a client a discount code, it is  considered valid on their purchase.

-Client is responsible check all services, payment amounts, verify in cart, and what is included when purchased.

-Client is required to provide valid payment information and provide their real information and identity when purchasing.

-Client Must provided www.NTWDesigns.com / NTW Designs LLC with real legal name, email, and owned website.

-www.NTWDesigns.com NTW Designs LLC  is not responsible and does not take any liability for any payment thefts or hacks, as no transactions will be purchased through our website. Those cases will go to paypal and be investigated as we do not obtain any payment information.

-www.NTWDesigns.com and NTW Designs LLC is  Located in the United States of America, this means that our products are in originally displayed USD.


-NTW Designs LLC and www.Ntwdesigns.com and  have provided a direct contact form on  www.Ntwdesigns.com.  NTW Designs LLC will respond back to you in 24-48 hours.

Direct Contact Email: contact@NTWDesigns.com


The client must agree to leave the NTW Designs LLC (http://www.NTWDesigns.com/) ‘ create by or managed by’ credit at the bottom for appropriate credit. NTWDesigns.com  reserves the right to have their credit on clients website. Changing the url or link type from the original placed on the bottom credit is unauthorized and considered a breach.

Versions of Terms and Conditions

As these terms and conditions may update and apply.Please review the active date at the top of the page for the latest terms and conditions. NTW Designs LLC recommends that client should print out these terms for private record.

Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions NTW Designs LLC