UI Web Designs

UI Animation

UI web designs are known to portray stories with javascript/CSS effects. The primary reason for the UI Animation success is because it is something entertaining for the regular web page visitor.

Six Components of UI Web Designs

1-Rich Illustrations. Rich illustrations are known to be much more specific and detailed. This detail makes the image look even more unique.

2-Large Font Size. Large font size makes a web page visible to see on smaller devices. Visitors browsing the web on cell phones, will need to zoom in on page if the font size is too small. With this said, it is best to just increase font size so it is much more convenient for the web visitor to browse on page.

3-3D or Flat Design. Flat & 3d web design, will ultimately create a great illusion on certain web elements that will enhance the visual display of a web design.

4-Normal Speed. The speed of a UI animation should be normal. What does this really mean? Animations that are too fast can throw off a viewer. Animations should always be at even seen which is also gentle on the eye.

5-Coded for Mobile Use. Mobile design is the new standard online. Ensure that your UI/UX web design animation works on mobile devices.

6-Vibrant Color Choices. Vibrant colors are known o stand out the most online. Add vibrant color choices on you color scheme.

UI Animations have increased popularity this year. The only small flaw may be their weight. Illustrations and animations may do a brilliant job,but if they weigh too heavy on a web page there can be an issue the web load time and the animation playing out without and disturbances. The trick for getting a perfect UI Design is to cut the length and create an even speed!

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