Vertical Web Design Trend

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Web design is slowly going vertical. What does that really mean? Well, web designs had once been horizontal in a sense, like the multi page web design which had a boxed and horizontal perspective. Although these vertical design may have some SEO flaws, they provide an outstanding user experience and mobile friendly design. Read below and discover the 2 new layout designs that are making a visual impact to visitors on the web.

What are the 2 Vertical designs in terms of web layout?

1- The one-page web design. This is a new and popular layout in web design that has taken the internet by storm. The one-page web design has a long scrolling effect and will go top to bottom. Instead of switching real links when clicking the menu, the one page will move top to bottom ( in sections: home,about,contact) on a single page. The one page web design produces a very professional showcase, that, as mentioned above, is a showcase with a long display. The one page web design is usually accompanied by web animations created in javascript.

2-Split screen . The split screen design is a new layout that brings a great new introduction to your website profile. Split screen design provides a unique way of doing this! This type of design is a cool new visual that pleases the average web visitor and this type of design is very easy to understand. The split screen design is usually designed with 2 tones of different contracts. Neon colors schemes and gray tone schemes are very popular with the split screen design.

The multi-page design is one of the best for SEO,but the vertical designs are measuring up in design quality! The one page web design and split screen design both have a unique edge on the web that makes a web visitor instantly notice the website design much more since it is so unique and different. The internet is always evolving and online users except companies to involve with the internet, so this means that your business website must evolve and always have the necessary upgrades to keep web visitors interested online.

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