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Small elements of website design are very important. New trends will influence and make changes the web world. If a visitor sees that every website has dropped the carousel and you are the only one with a multi-image carousel, it will be more than likely frowned upon. Keeping up with the latest website design tips and tricks will give you an advantage on the web. The carousel use to be a great and popular design. Web designers would have requests of creating even multi carousels where there would be 16 images in the first slide and 16 images in the second slide spinning. The Carousel poses 2 disadvantages. !

Carousal Disadvantage #1- Too many images will lead to too many browser requests and follow up with your website loading very slowly.
Carousel Disadvantages #2- A slow opening website is not mobile friendly.
Carousel Disadvantages #3- Too many images will shift and confuse the main purpose of the website.
The newest trend to follow: Flat banner. The flat banner may be simple,but its direct. If you have a revolving carousel on your website, its now the time to try out the flat banner!
It may seem as we are going back in time,but we are moving forward!

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