Best Way to Increase your Web Traffic by 8X

8x web

Generating real and authentic web traffic to your company website will instantly promote your brand and increase the chance of sales on page ( if you are selling something). For websites that don’t have a product for sale, website traffic will increase the value of the website and increase the credibility of the website overall.

3 Best Ways You can Increase your Web Traffic to 8X

1. New Blogging Content. Creating a new blog on your website and posting fresh now articles on a daily basis can lead to a major boost in web traffic.

2.RSS/Sitemap/Robots. To ensure that your website gets seen online, you must place all the necessary files and codes to verify that search engines pick up on your site. The RSS should be submitted to all feed burner softwares, the top ranking ones to be safe. You sitemap should contain all the links that make up your website. A sitemap generator can instantly grab your website links and place them in a valid sitemap file. This sitemap should be submitted to the top search engines to ensure indexing. The robots tag will tell search engines to follow you or not. If you want to increase your visitors, you must make sure that your robots tag will allow all search engines to crawl your website.

3. Social Feed. Feeding your social media fans with daily social posts is a great way to increase social media conversion rates. Web visitors that come from social media are likely to browse your website even further as they are more familiar with your brand on social media.

With active blogging, correct search engine submissions, and a large social feed, you website traffic can multiply by 8X.

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