Creating a user friendly web design contains a great deal of benefits. The internet has become into a very large billion community and we must all design to satisfy the users that actively search online. Therefore, a user friendly web design is needed.

What are some of the most user friendly web design aspects?
1-Viewable Menu. A menu should not contain to many tricks. A menu should be simple and viewable to become user-friendly.

2-Device Fittings. A responsive design is needed in 2017 to make a web design user friendly. Many people browse through different devices. A web design must satisfy all these devices and this is why a responsive web design is most recommended.

3-Large Buttons. With mobile devices increasing in use, large buttons are needed. Small buttons on a mobile device will cause click issues, while large buttons will be much more readable and clickable.

The best way to create a user friendly web design is by thinking about the average users needs. Designing for the user is the best strategy to take in order to achieve a user friendly web design.

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