Clean menu

Menu Design

A menu is an area where a website viewer goes to navigate throughout your entire website. This area is one of the most important places on your website and some people do forget about this fact unintentionally. If you are a company and you want to showcase your site to others, you must tell them what to look at. Having an easy to find menu is the first step. Read the top 5 tips for you menu below.

1-Fancy Style. Modern is the New Fancy aka Less is More. 

2- Special Effects. Take away the special effects.

3- Keep it visible. Using a heat map, you will know where a user is more likely to click on a website. The place that they click on is essentially the place that their eye gets directed towards the fastest. Always keep your menu in an area where the user will look.

4- Simplicity. Don’t over stock up your menu. Keep the most important things you want on there.

5- Have the same menu on every page. This is a practice that must be a rule. Some websites have different menus on different pages. The goal for a menu is the let the visitor know where everything is and not take them to an Alice in wonderland zone.

A menu is the navigation of your website. It is the steering wheel. Always keep it neat, clean, and easy to find!

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