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Multi-Database Integration with PHP

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PHP is known for its ability to be very dynamic as a server side syntax language. PHP has the ability to integrate with many different databases. This fact alone shows the power of PHP and why it is so much in demand. Find out which database PHP can integrate with and fits your scale of online business use below.

Comparing the 2 Popular Databases

Databases are made to handle large groups of information. Databases will move information, distribute, store information, destroy information, and group information based on specific actions inside a code. There are 2 very popular databases that PHP can integrate with.Read more below as we will sort out the 2 databases in terms of size and use.

1-mySQL. MySQL is a very well known database that can be integrated with a large database like Hadoop. However, taking this database as it is, on its own, MySQL has the ability to handle information in the hundred thousand to million range. Most WordPress sites use MySQL and E-Commerce stores use MySQL to store sensitive client information and general website information.

2-Oracle. Oracle is for large projects. Oracle can handle very big groups of numbers in the billions range. A company like Facebook is one to most likely use a database like Oracle.

As analyses above, PHP is a great website script that can be used and integrate with different databases. PHP is known for its dynamic and powerful uses. Regular websites use PHP as well as billion dollar online web companies like amazon, twitter, and facebook. All of these companies have trusted this language because it is the only language that has the ability to have this multi-range of connections. We have listed and examined the 2 most popular databases above. Read and find out which is best for you use.

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