The Design Syntaxes: CSS, HTML, PHP

design syntax

PHP and HTML are two most poplar design syntaxes to use for creating websites. CSS is the stylesheet that will create the actual design of the website, however, with CSS, there are certain ways to implement it onto a website. Read below as we will review these 3 topics separately from one another.

Selecting HTML. HTML is the base of all web design, however it is not a dynamic choice in terms of web design. In HTML, the web designer must go page by page in order to update or make any new changes. HTML is known for being much more lightweight.

Selecting PHP. PHP is much more dynamic choice for web design. With PHP, a website can have hundreds of pages and instantly update all those pages within 1 file. PHP also has the ability to connect with many different databases and content management systems.

External CSS stylesheet, multiple CSS stylesheets, and Internal Style Coding. When styling through the CSS stylesheet, there are many ways to link the design. The first and top recommended way is to use an external stylesheet. This keeps everything neat and clean int terms of design. If you have different designs for different web pages, you may use multiple CSS stylesheets or internal styling code. Internal styling code should always be kept to a minimal. It is always recommended to go to an external stylesheet to design,but if you need a character in bold or a specific tag centered, you may use inline styling. For larger designs, use an external stylesheet and multiple stylesheets per page.

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