10 Ways SEO affects Final Project in Web Development Agency

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Search engine optimization is the only way that can increase ranks on the most popular search engines. Google, yahoo, and bing are the top 3 ranked search engines that are most used online. However, we must argue that google triumphs yahoo and bing. Google is the biggest search engine, one of the most secure, and really focuses on its advanced algorithm updates. By releasing new algorithms out very frequently, google is known to be one of the hardest search engines for a website to rank in. There are over 200 factors that come in mind when thinking about SEO. The truth is that in SEO, web development really plays a big part. A web development agency who is in charge of web design and may also be in charge for SEO for a certain client, needs to make these 2 flowing with one another. Read below the 10 ways that SEO affects the final project for a web development agency.

1. Design Elements and H Tag Placement . As mentioned above, both SEO and web development need to work out with one another. When an agency takes hold of a project, they will first be focused on achieving a great web design. With this just said, there are certain elements that may cause conflict as they need both SEO and design. The H1 Tag is one of the top examples to compare and contrast. The H1 tag is usually the first and largest text seen on a landing page. However, with design that can be altered, but the H1 tag must contain specific keywords inside the text that will optimize the website. So a website cannot only be designed, but room for optimization must also be thought of when designing. If an h1 tag is a certain amount of letters exceeding a certain element proportion due to the size, then the h1 tag needs to reduce the size and keep the optimized content inside.

2. Landing Page Content Optimization . Content optimization is one of best rated methods in SEO that has been proven to generate great results. After a web development agency finishes a web project and optimization comes in, the landing page content is one of the main pages that needs to be fully optimized. As apart of on page SEO, landing page content optimization needs to be done. Identifying the total word count, total word density, and the overall quality of the content will further improve on page optimization.

3. Speed and Performance . When designing a website an web development agency may or may not focus to critically on the overall speed of a website. However, in SEO, speed is a big factor of rankings. Studies have proven that web visitors don’t have a lot of tolerance when it comes to waiting for a website to load. So websites that have long load speeds leading to poor performance will ultimately be in a great disadvantage in terms of visitor reaction and SEO score. If you are doing some social media marketing , it is a great idea to focus on your websites performance in order to increase user satisfaction on page.

4. Testing on all Devices . After the development project is fully complete, there must be a test conduct to see if the design is compatible with all different devices as well as different browsers. A design may look great on google chrome, but then maybe an animation will not work on safari. This will need to be fixed so the SEO score of a website improves.

5. Layout Selection and SEO Friendly Thoughts . When starting with the web layout selection process, there are many different layout designs. However, not all layouts are too optimizable, this is why from the start of the web development, an agency needs to ensure that the back layout is completely optimizable .

6 . Coding Essentials . The way a website is coded can certainly affect SEO grade. The internal coding of a website design needs to be error free and compressed. This way, a website will pass the W3C validator online. The W3C validator is a great free tool that indicates how many errors a script has and how to fix them.

7. Quality of Imagery . Just like internal content needing to be unique, so does media. Google loves new and custom items. So with your web design, there needs to be certain images that have been designed only for your website and relate to no other.

8. Blogging Section . There needs to be room on a website for blogging. Blogging is not only an expressive outlet, but it is known to be on of the major SEO factors. Now designs includes custom blog integration in all package selections. Ask your web agency if they will integrate a blog onto your website. Wordpress is the best and easiest way for an individual with no coding at all to instantly publish blogs within seconds.

9. On-Page Image Optimization . Images will always need to be optimized inside a website as they have a big affect on SEO. SEO recommends that image ALT tags are very descriptive. We also recommend that the image file name is just as descriptive as the alt tag.

10. Link Structure . The link structure of all web pages on a website need to be descriptive and SEO friendly. If a link structure does not contain some elements, it will not be optimized, thus, the certain web page will not rank as high as desired.

The above are 10 things in SEO that mix with the final project that a web design company or development agency may create for a client. To achieve the best website, it must be visually tasteful, but also, SEO Friendly.