12 Graphic Design Pointers for Companies

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So you want to learn more about graphic design? You have come to the right place! If you are a web designer or if you are a regular business owner wanting to get some really descriptive information about graphic design for your companies benefit, follow along below the 12 graphic design pointers for companies.

Graphic Design Pointers

1. What defines your business? This is a very important questions to ask yourself if you are a business owner and this is a very important question to ask your client if you are a web designer. This key definition will unlock a great part of successful graphic design. By knowing which direction you want to take your design right from the start, you will eliminate all the hassle and future re-designs.

2. Do you have photoshop? Photoshop is the best way to create hd graphic designs. Photoshop is like the magic tool that allows you to design, erase, undo, and play with tons of layers! There are 2 personal favorites we have for graphic design, the first greatest adobe software to download is Adobe Illustrator CC. There are many online design tutorials for adobe illustrator. The 2nd greatest adobe download for graphic design is Adobe Photoshop CC. Both of these 2 adobe programs should be downloaded for graphic design.

3. Companies in the field. Identify the certain companies or should we say competitors in your business field. Companies that are against you will be the wall of comparison. Your graphic design should be compared to other companies graphic designs, this way, you will know what level of creativity you have with your graphics.

4. Marketing secrets in Graphic design. There is no doubt that marketers have secrets up their sleeve for every campaign they start to promote. Marketing is fueled by research and constant studies, therefor, the graphics that marketers promote on their campaigns usually have a bigger story behind them than just a beautiful picture. Certain color choices and elements are positioned in graphic design to capture the eye of certain user groups. Always keep that fact in mind as one of the top pointers.

5. Modern Inspiration online. Before you start with your graphic design , it is always great for your companies benefit to just browse the web and see all the latest and greatest modern graphics. This is a really smart way to do things. I mean, you wouldn’t want to create new graphics for your business with trends from 5 years ago. Keeping up with the latest and most modern designs is the best pre-graphic planning to do.

6. Color Fiasco. Selecting the right colors for your graphics is one of the most important steps to stay true to your business and promote your business color scheme to graphics. A color scheme selection should be built up with 3 color tones. The color tones should be blending creatively with one another and colors that are too bright or too dim should always be avoided.

7. Typography Counts. Stay consistent with you typography selections. With too many font faces, you may just make your text unreadable for the viewer.

8. Big and Bold Text. When it comes to typography, in 2018, you must stand out big and bold! Don’t be afraid to reach out and resize your text to a massive about.

9. Creative Alignment . With graphic design there are certain shapes, images, and text that need to be aligned in a certain way to make a companies messages stand out visually.

10. Whitespace Tricks. Whitespace's are commonly seen in graphics. Why so? Whitespace's are known to make graphics look much more modern, clean, and professional. Always use your whitespace tastefully.

11. Contrast or Gradient. Select between contrast or gradient on your layout background. The reasons why contrast and gradient should not be used at once is because they will often cause brightness conflicts with one another. So select between contrast or gradient on your next design.

12. Re-see. What we mean by re-see is basically to just take a break from your computer desk and go out, do something else fun, and then come back and view your design. This is a great way to do a self visual refresh and get a better look of the design in a new light.