2018:15 Ways to Improve Your Web Design for your Company/h1>

improve web design for your company


2018 is a year for improvement and change. If you run a successful business or you are just opening your company, you need to have a website that represents your company in the best way possible online. Discover below the 15 ways to improve your website design for your company.

15 Ways to improve your web design for your company in 2018

1. Develop Responsively . Responsive web design is one of the most essential and mandatory standards in design. There are billions of people around the world who use devices of all shapes of sizes to browse the web on a daily basis. By developing a responsive web design ( or having it developed for you), it will instantly make your website auto scalable for all devices.

2. Accessibility Testing . To further increase website usability, testing out your websites accessibility is a great idea. There are 3 well known browsers, but there are also previous versions of those browsers which a percentage of web visitors have not upgraded and are still using one of the old versions. This is why you must test you your accessibility to ensure that your website looks the same and work the same on all browser versions.

3. Interaction in Play . Custom website with some interactive web development in play is the greatest and most modern form of web design. Interaction is always a positive element on a website design as it will produce a long lasting & positive user experience on the page. Interactive designs increase user interaction.

4. Compression in full force . Jump to your browser ( apache most common) and enable the gZip to enable web compression.

5. Colors Need Upgrading . Vibrant gradients certainly make a website look colorful, upbeat, and beautiful designed.

6. Communication Additions . To increase communication through your website, you must leave many open portals of communication. Have your web design company integrate a live chat, a contact for, and a subscription form to increase the chances and urge visitors to contact you instantly.

7. Flat and Minimal . Flat and minimal design is very professional in terms of the visual exterior view of the design, but also very direct. When going to a flat or minimal design,website visitors will instantly understand what the site is about.

8. Custom Graphic Imagery . Great website imagery will always stand out. Creating custom company graphic imagery to display on a web design banners and other locations on the page, will always increase interest and company trust.

9. Full Business Brand Strategy Enforced . To increase company branding through a website, a full business brand marketing strategy is highly enforced through the website.

10. Wacky Typography . Large, bold, and fancy typography on page is very important to use to make a website much more creative and readable.

11. Storytelling Web Design . Digital web design companies are known to create the best storytelling through an animated web design. Website storytelling has proven to increase visitor stay time on page.

12. Outlines and Buttons . Outlining certain title tags and increasing the size of buttons are 2 practices you will see in 2018.

13. Security Certificate . 2018 will be pro security, so website that have an SSL certificate will be even more trusted by web visitors that browse the page and search engines.

14 . Higher Performance . Blast out the year with increasing your websites performance. Great website performance can lead to more interaction on the page as well as SEO rank gain.

15. Sticky Stuff . Stick ads, footers, headers, or social media sidebars are great ways for promotion that will have instant and successful results.