6 Reasons Why Your ECommerce Website is Begging for New Development

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Have you ever asked yourself, what you need to change on your Ecommerce website to make it much more user friendly? The internet, web design, and user activity online is constantly changing online. Predicting what a web visitor would or would not do on a website can be challenging, but with the right tools and tricks, it can be done successfully. The world of ECommerce has changed online and this change has been for the better. As the web community grows more and more and ECommerce giants like amazon explode in revenue,web user awareness and knowledge about the ECommerce world has also increased. 10 years ago, most people were not as open to using their credit card online because they had been afraid of going on a fake online store. Nowadays, google is the most trusted source online and web users can browse the web to read further information about an online store before making a new purchase. As mentioned above, tech giants have also promoted the world of ecommerce website by further development of their brand image online.

Six Real Reasons Why your E-Commerce Website is Begging you for a new development

There are 6 distinct reasons why your ecommerce website is in desperate need of a development in 2018 . Read below.

One. Design Evolving. Website design and development has certainly evolved on the web. Many years ago, the ‘it’ factor was having a web design built, now in 2018, the ‘it’ factor is to have the most amazing, intelligent, and user friendly web design. Web designers have shifted in focus from generally designing a website to studying specific user movements on a web design. Online E-Commerce stores have something digital or physical to sell. User interaction on page is a big part of guaranteeing the maximum revenue of sales possible to be generated through the e-commerce store online. So if your online store is not having as many clicks and movement on page, you are in need for a completely new development.

Two. Promote Interaction. If you have a website that has been developed 2 years ago, you are in need of a new development. Last year, web development had been focused on increasing interaction. The way that web designers increase interaction is by first targeting the right visitor group, attracting that targeted visitor group to visit the site, then designing the website in certain elements and positioning those elements in certain location that will be visually identifiable by all visitors, thus, increase the chance of interaction.

Three. Product Image Compression. The problem with e-commerce stores is mainly that they will always contain many products, this equals many images, and if not optimized correctly, then a website will become very heavy. Websites that weigh in MB’s and are over 1.5 seconds in load time are usually not as favored online. The reason why? Web visitors don’t have patience to wait so long for a website to load. If a website does not immediately give a web visitor what they want, the average web visitor is most likely to exit the page.

Four. CMS Upgrade. We are in 2018 and there are so many new and advanced e-commerce content management system platforms out there! Your content management system will enable certain types of plugins that can make or break your website depending on the way that they are coded. Always do some further research before jumping into your next CMS platform.

Five. SSL Installation. Security is very important to gain user trust and protect your an e-commerce store from certain individuals who would want to harm a website. If you already have an SSL certificate on your website, identify the kind of ssl certificate your website has. There are always strong and more secure ssl certificates that would make a great investment because they will tremendously benefit your website.

Six. Web Design Perspective Has Changed. This is one of the top reasons why your e-commerce strong certainly needs a new design online! The average layout perspective that was popular 5 years ago, is no longer as popular the last 2 years. The one page web design is a great example of popular layout that has influenced a major web design perspective change online.

Read the 6 reasons above to understand why your ECommerce store is begging your business for a new web development!