March 2018: Web Design and Development Pointers

March 2018 is a couple of days away and as we still area at the peak of 2018, there are a couple of web design and development pointers that every web designer or web design company should always consider before and after designing. These pointers are provided for March 2018, but of course, can also be used for a further period than then ( until things get even more advanced that is). Find out below some of the best web design and development tips for March.

March 2018: Web Design

Control CSS or Let CSS Control You

Web designers go back and forth with CSS. The moral of this title really means that as a pro web designer or a pro web design company offering services that include web design, you must learn to control CSS. When CSS controls you, you are in a great bundle of code that you probably don’t want to be it. By controlling your CSS code, it will always be much more simpler, easy to go back and edit, and more professional in terms of design ratings.

What about web animations?

Let your website to be alive and flirt with the audience! Web animations are visually exciting and they are known to generate tons of interaction on page. The purpose of a web design is to make a website look visually appealing. Web animations will instantly produce that appeal factor on a website. Web visitors are the groups to impress on the web. The average web visitor is very familiar with browsing more than 1 site a day, so they will know that websites with animations aren’t too common to find, but when they do come up every now and then, they will intrigue and produce a great experience.

What about that performance?

Aside from the visually enticing aspect of a web design, the performance must be grade A and on point. This is one of the biggest pointers to not let get out of your bag. Performance impacts search engine rankings and user interaction on page. First is first, search engines want to produce web users with the best and most accurate results. If your website is a little laggy on performance, chances are that your website will not be favored by visitors or search engines. However, if you have a grade A web performance on all browsers and device types, then chances are that your website will be favored by both search engines and visitors.

Current Design or Re-Design?

At times, it is always a great idea to start fresh. If your business has had the same web design for a long time, it is a great idea to upgrade! A new web redesign is much recommended in March 2018 and always remember to leave that hint of your brand identity on your new website so web visitors ( and existing clients) are still familiar with your brand and will notice the upgrade.