Mobile Creativity: 4 Breakthrough Ways to make your Web Development Extraordinary

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Mobile design is not only a great design factor, but also a mobile factor. There are 5 breakthrough ways that will make your latest web development turn out extraordinary. When thinking of mobile design as well as mobile creativity, the first thing that should come to mind is simplicity. Being that mobile devices are smaller than desktops, a web design should not be too overbearing in terms of design. This is why minimal web design is certainly a top topic in regards to mobile friendly web design layout

4 Break Through Ways to Make Mobile Web Development Extraordinary

Keeping it Light. Everything with a mobile web design needs to be as light as possible. If your business web design has a any heavy elements, large media files, and multi imaged carousels, it is time to cut the heavy elements out and keep a website as light as possible. As mentioned above, mobile devices do not prefer to load heavy items. So the goal to keep a website light will satisfy mobile web visitors. After you have removed all the heavy elements from your website, it is then time to test out your page speed online. The lower your page speed, the faster it your web page all load.

Knowing your Break Points. When thinking of a mobile friendly web design, responsive design certainly comes up in mind. A website development that was originally designed with a laptop or desktop computer, will not look the same on a smaller device. This is why mobile web development has pushed forward responsive web design to being a mandatory design factor. The best way to resize a website layout is by specific break points. Gather the right break point measurements of all device sizes and use media queries to specifically integrate the size of the layout for each breakpoint. With custom breakpoints, a web designer has the option to alter specific elements on a web design for custom break points. This is a great web design benefit!

Zoom it up. Mobile devices have very small screens, thus, a larger display must be presented on mobile devices. This is done to make a website user who is using a mobile device easily view the website design in their dimensions. So what exactly needs to be increased to ensure mobile friendly web development? The first thing that needs to be increased is the overall font size. The text on page should be very big on a mobile design. Keep in mind that text should not be so big that it is overlapping the elements behind it, but it needs to be large enough to see, yet compatible with the web design. The second thing that needs to be be increased is any button on page. Page buttons need to be easy to find and click. Companies usually have their products or most important page links inside buttons. With this high standard of content importance, a button must be large enough to be easily found and clicked on a mobile device.

Animation Browser Test. UI and UX animations are certainly very popular with web development. Although these animations are very cool and interesting for web visitors to watch, a web development agency must make sure that these animations are visible the same way on all devices. Some times mobile devices don’t do a good job of playing animations. This main reason for this may be because a web animation may be too overcrowded with javascript files. It is recommended that animations be created very lightly because if there are too many files, they will increase http requests, and mobile users won’t be very happy. Running a browser test is a great way to find out how an animation looks on different browsers and devices.

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