Simple Thinking: Why your business needs a website redesign

business website redesign


Every business needs a new design after a few years go by, however, with the internet and web design change so much these past 3 years, there are new guidelines for a website. This is one of the top reasons why every business who has had a website built 2 to 3 years ago, needs to have a website redesign. A website redesign is a way that a business can upgrade their online website to a newer and much more modern design.

How to know if your business needs a website redesign?

The Ntw Designs web development team has come up with 8 things to simply think about in regards to a site redesign. Read below the eight questions to ask yourself before figuring out if your business needs a redesign.

1. Do you still use sidebars? If a website has sidebars, chances are that SEO ranking websites will frown upon it. Why so? Sidebars are known to produce too much overall weight on a web page and at the same time, they are not mobile friendly. If a website has a sidebar, on a mobile layout that is responsive that sidebar will most likely turn into a long row and making the web page very long and heavy with multi images. So to sum it up, sidebars are out of the picture and should be removed from the picture if they still are in.

2. Do you have a multi page web design? Multi page web designs are still cool and great for search engine optimization. However, there are different web design layouts ( depending on certain businesses) may be more suitable for a certain business. There are horizontal layouts, one design layouts, and split screen layouts. So now, a business has more options to select the perfect website layout that will completely showcase their company in the best way possible online.

3. Are you still using flash? Going back in time, flash use to be a revolutionary animation designing method. Now, websites have tougher standards to live by and flash has been replaced with javascript. Some web users have forgotten to install flash on their computer which means that certain websites cannot be open. So if your business still has flash, javascript is the perfect code for animations to be integrated. On a quick side note, when deciding to create an animation in javascript one must keep in mind that too many different javascript files can weigh to a great amount comparing to a flash file. So use javascript lightly.

4. What is the Percentage of Visitor Interaction on page? A website is no longer striving to put up a pretty visual online, but also satisfy the web visitor. Website that had been designed years ago might have been not focused on creating a user friendly web design. Now, user interaction plays a big role online. With great visitor interaction on page, there are higher chances to increase online sales, popularity, and online SEO scores. Visitor interaction on page does affect search engine ranking.

5. How fast is your website? Another big aspect to think about and analyze is your website speed score. The website speed does affect performance, visitor action, and SEO grade. There are many free tools available online to show website speed. 2018, websites are held in a very high standard and are expected to load even in milliseconds.

6. Does your brand identity match your web design? Think about this question for a while and then take a fresh look at your website. A companies brand identity needs to match their web design in order to increase brand familiarity. The top ranking companies around the world have the same matching color scheme and graphics on all branded items ( including web design).

7. What integrations do you have on your website? As we have just entered 2018, we will see more and more advanced integrations available. Integrations that had been advanced 3 years ago are most likely available free to use today and integrations available 2018 ( may contain a small fee), but they are even more robust than ever before. Take a look at what integrations your website has, if any, and then decide if your website needs a redesign. So yes, a redesign costs in website services an extra fee .

8. Is your web design mobile friendly? Mobile friendly web design is a great target to hit. These past 2 yrs, there has been an increase in mobile searches online which has changed the web design industry and pushed forward a list of mobile friendly web design standards that have become mandatory for use.

Website design is very important in outlook 2018 . A quality built site will always produce great first impressions online, increase business trust, and increase the chance of sales online. Simply think about the 8 questions above, listen to your answers, and figure out if your business needs a website redesign.