Social Brand Recognition

Four Ways to Social Media Brand Recognition and Seven Web Design Tips

Social Media, new web design tips, and great photography can create a great reputation on the web for a company. Read below the best trips and tricks for your website!


Social Media and Brand Recognition


Social media is another place where a company website can be placed to gather a group of followers who will in time, turn into website visitors and maybe leads. Social media has a huge impact on the world. Millions of individuals are active on social media sites a day. Social media websites allow the regular company to make new connections and share their opinions/links through their public profile. For a company to make an impact for their company on the web, there is one primary thing to do and that is brand graphics. Social media images that visually represent a companies brand will make a business social media profile look even more professional. Read below the top 4 things to add to your social media banner.


1- Social Accounts: Use two to three social media usernames to include in your banner.


Example: @MyCompany #MyCompany


2-Domain: Always add the full URL of a company website on a social media banner.

Note:Don’t make the full domain name the center of focus in the social media banner.


3-Web Color Scheme: A Social Media banner color scheme should match a companies web color scheme.


Color Tip: Use up to 3 Colors to create a Web Color Scheme.


4-Image: Select a quality image that is already displayed on the website, to be displayed in a smaller proportion on the banner.


By following these 4 tips above, a company will have even more brand recognition in social media websites.



7 Web Design Tips


1-Auto Resize Layout. Over 70 percent of Americans own mobile phones. Mobile phones have advanced and have become the most popular way to browse the net. This is one of the main reasons why web developers are creating responsive web design layouts. There are different mobile phones with different screen sizes and a responsive layout can do the exact trick! A responsive layout will auto resize a web page for every screen size that the website is browsed in.


2-Remove the Pinch Zoom and Increase Font Size. This is another mobile friendly web design tip! Remove the pinch zoom and increase the font size. For mobile users, an increased font size will satisfy the web visitors vision.


3-Stop Auto Playing Music and Videos. If your website still has the old fashion auto-playing music and video, it is time to remove this type of auto-playing media. The reason is primary because most web visitors will get annoyed by sites that have media in auto play.  If a person goes to the library and opens up a site, the music starts to autoplay,  the person will exit the site since it is not fit for the environment he or she is in. The developer must create a website that is fit for all scenarios.


4-UI Interactive Animations. UI animations are advanced digital ways that tell a story. The best part of interactive animated web designs is that the interactive effects will allow the regular web visitor to stay longer on the site. Web developers must note that UI Animations should not be too speedy! Keep animation speed even and graphics with quality.


5-Mobile Friendly Layout. The mobile era has taken over the world. Desktops were once popular, now mobile phones have taken this gold metal. Web developers have to make a web design mobile friendly. Mobile friendly designs prove to rank better in SEO and provide a more preferred user experience.


6-Optimize you Design. Optimize your website design! Do everything from the H1-H4 Tags to Meta Tags on every single page. A great web design is nothing without the quality work of SEO that can be done to it which will increase web visibility.


7-Compress you CSS. Compressing CSS files will reduce space and speed a website up. A compressed CSS file is even more simplified than ever before. Compressed CSS files also make it easy for the regular web developer to go back and make any changes to the script. 



Use the above methods to optimize your website, fix your web design, and boost your brand on social media platforms.