Web Experiences

Improve web experiences on a website design.


It is now the time to supercharge your web design and create a great web experience online. What does that exactly mean? It means to increase your overall website performance and your visibility on the web. There are four great methods to supercharge your web design, discover below.


Four Main Methods to Supercharge your web design


1- Responsive. The first method is to throw away your fixed layout and upgrade to a response layout.


Why should you upgrade to a responsive layout?

To create a better web experience for your visitors.The main purpose is because there is a new technology device going around and that is called the mobile device. Years before, a website was primary searched and viewed on a desktop device. Now, mobile companies have provided all their clients with free to affordable internet plans. Mobile devices alone have gotten more advanced and include many great features. These two combinations have increased mobile device use by millions. So nowadays, there is a large percentage of people all over the world that browse the internet by their cell phones versus a desktop computer.


What does this mean for web developers?

Web developers need to please mobile device users now and make a website easy/accessible to all.


How do you make a fixed layout responsive?

A quick CSS trick to use is the Media Query rule. The Media query rule will allow a web designer to make a website responsive on all the main breakpoints of different devices.

Media queries are fast and easy to do.


2- White Background. Dark backgrounds are out of style and white backgrounds have come into the picture. A white background provides a cleaner look. It is also pleasing to the human eye in terms of reading text on the website and it creates an overall focused visual of the web page.


3- Increase your Page Speed. Page speed is very important. Page speed can make or break a website.


What is the outcome of a fast website page speed?

A website that will load fast will satisfy the average website visitor. Being that it will bring content fast to the average visitor, it will also be favorable and reflect very well on SEO.


What is the outcome of a slow website page speed?

A slow web page speed will lead to a higher bounce rate. Most web visitors have a very very short attention capacity when it comes to web page loading time. With that said, if a website takes too long to open up, the average web visitor may think that the site has a problem that it’s not opening up or they will think that the site isn’t built well and may be low in quality. These 2 ideas will make the average web visitor leave the website. When too many visitors go on a site and exit out within seconds, it will reflect very bad on SEO. The bounce rates of a website will skyrocket causing the web page to become much lower in ranks.


4- Share with the social world and add a Subscription Box. Social media is still very popular and holds a solid position for the future. Social media is an alternate place where a company has the chance to gather another group people ( fans) that don’t come directly from their website. Social media provides people to share links,make connections and built up their reputation. Along with having an active social media life, a company must also make use of subscribers. Why let website visitors go away when you can take them in by your subscription box?  Companies that gather subscribers from their website are known to have almost guaranteed success when showcasing new products.


What color stands out for a subscription box?

Based on various studies, the primary colors on a subscription box are yellow,blue,orange, and red. Yellow is the number one most eye-catching color.


What to mail people after they subscribe?

Depending on the business category, a company must mail out quality content to their subscribers.

Example: Real estate agents will send out new homes on the market.

Celebrity Sites will send out the latest insider celeb gossips.


What is the most important key to success in social media?

The most important key to social media success is true consistency. Social media is not the place to give up. Make a schedule of days to post on all social media accounts and follow through with that schedule completely!


To conclude, by following these four methods that we have described above, it will lead your website to an increase in website visitor, better user experience, and higher SEO ranks.