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As the web expands, we all have to keep up. It's important for each and every business out there to be up to date with the latest web trends. Why so? First and foremost, your website is essential the showcase of your business. If every other site out there tends to load faster than yours, you are in some risky waters. Following the latest trends on the web will better your website visuals and increase SEO which leads to more followers and future clients. The experts at NTW Designs put together some amazing modern web tips that will open your eyes up to some of the coolest new things you can do for your website.



Responsive- Getting very flexible in here! The more devices that are out there, the more screen resolutions that a website needs to adapt too. If your current web design isn’t responsive, then you may be getting some bounce rates from your viewers as they would prefer to read a size that is responsive vs one that may need a little more work to get into. Daily website viewers would prefer a website font size to auto resize for their device, instead of having to zoom in for an unresponsive website. It is very important for every website owner to have a responsive web design in 2016 and future years to come.


Wide Screen- A very professional look. A wide screen website can be a very satisfying visual for web visitors as well as be complimenting for a business website. A wide screen design has become very popular this year. It is a great way to showcase a business and use up the screen to its best advantage.


Font Size- No, it's not your vision. Most sites have increased font size and the main reason is because it just looks good. This isn’t particularly a bad thing to do for SEO. However, you must only put your must valuable texts in the biggest font size for proper optimization.


Search Engine Tagging- Let's start tagging it up! When optimizing your website, its important to be as unique as you can. Don’t focus on one word phrases, focus on building a unique name for your brand and having others search that word. A company like Harley Davidson didn’t have success with a term like ‘motorcycle’, the created their own brand and the name Harley Davidson is what sticks to a persons mind. 


Visuals- Why purchase stock photos when you can have a company like NTW Designs to create custom visuals for you.It is important that every company has its own brand identity. Visuals are known to trigger a persons memory. Having a unique logo, for example, is something that you can do for your company to stand out. The best way make your business successful isn’t to copy anyone else, but create something new that represents what you are truly about.


Flash Out- Flash is a very heavy code. A slow website will lower search engine optimization rankings. It's important to replace your flash with javascript and with that in mind, don’t over do it with javascript either. Use up to 4 javascript scripts on your website. Too much javascript will result to a heavy website and will be no different than using flash.


PHP/HTML or Wordpress-  Wordpress is awesome for blogs,but if you want a professional website you must go with PHP/HTML. PHP/HTML is the true core of websites. This code gives the developer a better advantage to design a website and tag it for SEO. Wordpress is known to have many scripts inside that will make up the Content Management System. Its best to leave WordPress for your blogs and /directories.  PHP/HTML is a cleaner and more proficient way to go about it!

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