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Billions of active website visitors browse the net on a daily basis and the only thing that they can criticize a business by online is by its web design. Thus, having a professional and advanced-coded web design deems to be very important. Satisfying the first time website visitor can lead to successful results online.  The one-page web design has become very popular these past 3 years and it is changing the average web design perspective into a new and modern outlook.


5 Reasons Why the One Page Web Design is So Popular



There are five great reasons why the one-page web design is so popular. As mentioned above, this design has changed the view of what a website should look like. We are now entering new and modern times and the one-page web design does a great job of complimenting this era!  Read below the 5 reasons the one-page web design has increased in popularity.



One-Showcase. The one-page web design is known for its great all in one showcase. In a standard multi-page web design, the main website pages like the home, about, and contact page, were split into different web pages. The one-page web design reduces the page link count by including all the important pages all in one page. This type of layout design brings a first-time visitor great clarity when it comes to understanding the exact meaning of a website. 


Two-Mobile Friendly. Mobile visitors are increasing on a daily basis. A mobile friendly website proves to increase SEO ranks and user satisfaction. The one-page web design layout is the best layout for a mobile device user. Being that the one-page design loads everything at once, a mobile visitor doesn’t have to wait for each menu item to load upon navigation. The one-page design navigates within its own page without having to reload any other items. This vertical layout has a top to bottom movement making it very easy for a mobile visitor to move through the page swiftly.  For this reason, mobile device visitors like a one-page web design more than the standard multi-page design.



Three-Design Creativity. The one-page web design has a lot of room for creativity. A web designer has a lot of options to design a one-page layout! This revolutionarily layout has tons of room for gif images, coded UX animations, UI animations, landing page visitor interaction animations,  video backgrounds, and more.


Four-Long Scrolling Effects. The one-page web design is the first ever layout to introduce a long homepage scrolling. With this key feature, there is also room for more improvement. This scrolling effect is often smoothed out by a javascript parallax effect.


Five-Large Font Size. Bigger, bolder, better! The one-page web design has extra room for large font size. By increasing the font size, a web design looks even better and it is also a plus for mobile visitors. Mobile devices have small sized screens and a large font size is the best way to make it easy for mobile visitors read clearly on a web page. Being that the one-page web design has a lot of space, a large font size has the ability to be very large and not clog up any space inside the layout.



The one-page web design has advanced the regular web page layout in a brilliant way. Making its mark globally, more and more websites are upgrading to a one-page layout. This design provides a mobile friendly experience and has a luxury abundance of space at the same time. Make your website more creative and upgrade to a one-page web design layout!