Reduce the Size of Video Backgrounds in Web Design

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Video backgrounds are certainly very popular this year. The video background is commonly combined with the one page web design and is displayed on the top part of a websites homepage. Although very intriguing, videos can weigh heavy on a website. When a video weighs heavy on a page it can bring a website many load issues. Reducing the video size can quickly prevent this issues.

How to reduce the size of video backgrounds?

1-Reduce the quality. Start to reduce the video quality only to a certain point where the video can lower from MB’S to KB’S.

2-Cut out the length. When a visitor enters the website, they don’t want to watch a movie, but a trailer. Keep your video short and sweet. Cutting out the unneeded length of a video can reduce the size in total.

Follow the 2 ways above to efficiently reduce the size of your video background.

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