SEO Metrics: Bounce Rate and Domain Trust

bounce domain

The bounce rate of a website has a big influence on the domain trust in SEO metrics. When weighing out the main factors in SEO, google and other top search engines, are always trying to differentiate websites from one another. Websites are placed in certain categories based on many factors. Today, in particular, we will be going over the bounce rate and domain trust.
What is a bounce rate? A bounce rate is a timed measurement that shows how fast the average visitor leaves the site upon entering.
Is a high bounce rate good or bad? A high bounce rate always produces a negative effect on a website as it shows that most people that are entering the site are quickly leaving the homepage.
How does bounce rate affect domain trust? As mentioned above in the previous question, when most visitors quickly leave a webpage upon entering it means that there may be something wrong or inaccurate with the page. Thus, this high bounce rate will lower domain trust.
Where to check for my website bounce rate? Alexa rank offers a free bounce rate viewer. Just go to the site, search your website on the search bar, and find your SEO metrics on the page that you will be redirected on.

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