The Top Social Media Sites Analyzed

Social Media Sites

Social media is currently the latest hot topic on the web. Normal people, small businesses, and billion dollar companies are all a part of the social media movement. With social media being so popular, one can only imagine that there is success in social media websites. Active social media users will oftentimes get more followers, likes, and shares per post. It is very beneficial for every company to stay as active and interactive on social media. Below, we will analyze some of the top social media websites.

Social Media Sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr

There are six great social media sites that are currently most popular, powerful, and influential on the web. We will get down to the specifics of these six social networking sites and pinpoint all of their benefits of use.

1-Twitter. Twitter is most popular for tweeting the short experts with content, images, or links. Twitter makes it easy for every user to instantly share a status from a desktop or even easier through a mobile device. On twitter, it is recommended that every business owner should post more than 1 status a day. The reason being is to increase exposure on twitter. Posting and hashtagging will increase followers.

2-Facebook. Facebook is the number once trusted social media website for businesses, advertisements, and regular using. There are 2 Billion active users on facebook. If you have a business, create a professional Facebook business page and invite all of your FB friends and invite all of your other friends via email to like your page. Natural Facebook likes will get more genuine shares on the net.

3-Instagram. Instagram is a great place to take quick daily snaps of your day to day activities. Let your future clients get a deep look inside your business. Hashtagging on Instagram can get tons of likes.

4-Pinterest. Pinterest is the best place for image sharing and discovering. Setting up unique boards, uploading great photography, and following others can increase reputation on this amazing social media site.

5-Google Plus. Google plus is a social media site owned by google. Google plus is primarily used for connecting with people in the same business field and clients interested in a particular field. Google Plus is known to have custom groups assigned to different business categories. The average user has the capability to set up multi circles on google plus. These circles have great preferences and one of those great preferences is privacy.

6-Tumblr. Tumblr is a great place to share images, blog post, and interesting links. By using Tumblr on a daily basis, a website can grow in the daily visitor amount.

The 6 social media accounts noted above are some of the best accounts to use for your business. When forming a brand on the net, it is important to distribute it accordingly. Social media sites have exceeded the billion margin in users and postings. Create an account on the top 6 social media accounts and it will be a great star for your company!

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