Years of Advancement: Stages of the Internet

stages of internet

The internet is the most revolutionary source that has combined the world all in one place. The internet has furthered business practices, deals, and communication. The stages of the internet have risen over time and has improved tremendously.

Who are the individuals behind the internet? Problem solvers and experienced coders are behind the internet to make it a safer and much more accurate source.

How has social media changed over the stages of the internet ( point example to facebook)? Social media was once a place where teenagers would communicate. Then with facebook, college students would communicate through facebook. After this period, Facebook got just a little bigger and made its database open for the world to use. People of all ages around the world started to communicate with one another through Facebook turning Facebook into a billion user community. Advancing on to 2017, not only do people of all ages use facebook, but business advertise and list a company profile on Facebook. This makes Facebook the number one social media website for companies.

How will the internet stages of advancements continue to further grow in 2017 and beyond? We are certainly seeing great changes on the net. Following ICANN’S transition back in 2016, we can all expect SSL certificates to come into full force in the following 2 years ahead. As the internet gets bigger, there needs to be even more protection to secure data as well as public threads. We can expect major security upgrades to move forward beyond 2017.

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