Tracking online Seo with SEO Audit

seo audit

Search engine optimization makes a website much more detailed to meet the ranking requirements of search engines. Following a good amount of SEO, an SEO audit must be conducted every now and then.

What is the importance of SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, as in the word itself, its purpose is to optimize a website for search engines.

What does an SEO audit do?

An SEO audit conducts an analysis of the internal SEO on a page and makes sure if the meta tags, keywords, are in the correct

How often to perform an SEO website audit?

After every SEO or marketing campaign, let ranks settle in for 2 weeks and then perform you SEO audit.

Should I use a free service or a software?

There are many options to select from. Try out a free service and find yourself needing something a bit more complex than going for a downloadable heavy duty SEO audit desktop software.

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