The Truth About Brand Identity Online

brand identity

One of the largest influences on the net is brand identity. The average internet user revisits a company if they remember their name, logo,and color. The brand identity is a great way to make a companies image recognizable online and offline.

Logo with Words Included. Make your website name and image memorable by adding the words of a company inside a logo. If the text is too long, then initials are the best replacement. Always make sure that your logo has the same color scheme as your web design and other company graphics.

Social Media Banners and Business Cards. In the era that we live in, the internet is obviously on of the most useful tools we have. With that said, business cards must include social media usernames on them. This way, every person can easily follow a company on social media. It is important to follow the same method throughout your brand identity. If you are adding the full company name on Logos/other brand images, then you must add that specific name as the username on social media accounts. This makes it easy to be discovered on the web.

Color Matching Theme. If tweaking or adding a new color to your brand identity, make sure that all your brand identity images have that specific color choice adding. A matching color scheme is what creates a professional brand identity.

The truth is, a brand identity is one of the most important things that can shape up a company visually. The top million and billion dollar companies are remembered by their logo’s and company names. A unique brand identity image can surely make a company become much more memorable. The internet has provided every business a much more modern and advanced way to showcase their business online. Always remember to make your business brand identity visible on the web. This means, showcase your up to date business graphics on all social media websites.

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