User Friendly Web Design Aspects

user design aspects

Creating a user friendly web design contains a great deal of benefits for the website viewer and the company owner. The internet has become into a very large billion community and we must all design to satisfy the users that actively search online. Therefore, a user friendly web design is needed at all times. The way a website looks and the way a website performs, all influences the actions of a web visitor as well as search engine rankings. If a website is fast performing, chances are that the web visitor will like the website and have a positive experience on the page, therefore, the web visitor is more likely to spend their time browsing around the page even further. This also increases the chance to generate sales and revenue even more due to the activity increasing on the page.

What are some of the most user friendly web design aspects?

1-Viewable Menu. A menu should not contain to many tricks. A menu should be simple and viewable to become user-friendly. A visible menu is preferred at all times. Another tip to keep in mind about a websites menu is to always have the menu the same on all pages. If the menu is out of place in a certain web page due to the layout being repositioned, this can really throw off a web visitor that is clicking on web page content. So always keep your menu in a familiar,visible, and consistent location throughout the website.

2-Device Fittings. A responsive design is needed in 2018 to make a web design user friendly. Many people browse through different devices. A web design must satisfy all these devices and this is why a responsive web design is most recommended. A responsive web design makes a website accessible to all devices, and this alone will increase visitor satisfaction on page.

3-Large Buttons. With mobile devices increasing in use, large buttons are needed. Small buttons on a mobile device will cause click issues, while large buttons will be much more readable and clickable. Always run a test and check if you buttons are consistently increasing on all browsers. Some browsers that may be older, may need further code in CSS to also generate that specific layout design to increase button size.

The best way to create a user friendly web design is by thinking about the average users needs. Designing for the user is the best strategy to take in order to achieve a user friendly web design. Use the ways that are provided above to make a web design user friendly!

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