Web Analysis and Competitor Web Analysis

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Conducting a web analysis and a domain competitor analysis can certainly put your website ahead of the game. The reason why to do an analysis on your website and other people's websites is to see how far back or ahead you are with those in the same category as you. There are two types of a different analysis to be conduct, read below as we will define and give some great tricks for each.

Comparing and Defining the Two Type of Web Analysis

#1- The Web Analysis. A web analysis is conducted usually for a single domain to pull up all the most recent information on that domain. This information can be domain age, web visibility, ranking keywords, popular pages, h tags, and more.

#2- The Competitor Analysis. When conducting a single analysis, depending on one which SEO software you may be using, there usually is a place where you can then compare your competitor's domains with your domain. This is a great way to see how your competitors are doing. A competitor analysis will often include a websites trust authority,SEO score, and keywords.

There are free tools available online, there is also trial software, or monthly fee software that will do a 5-star job analyzing a website and comparing certain domain competitors. MOZ offers a free service to compare domains and see the most recent domain trust rank. Every now and then, always conduct a web analysis for your domain and take a look at your competitors.

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