Web Case Study: Visitor response and usability

visitor usability

In a new web design study case we will conduct, we are focusing on visitor response rate on a web page and the usability of a website.

Case Study Research #1- Visitor Response.

The visitor response rate is known to foreshadow rankings in SEO. As we divide the two, we can understand that good visitor response rates will indicate that a website is more accurate versus a bad response which will float over bounce rates,thus,producing a not so favorable effect.

Case Study Research #2- Usability.

The usability of a website is another important factor. All elements on a web page must be clickable and working for all different browsers. Aside from those clickable elements, a website must satisfy all devices and have a responsive layout. Again, a responsive website must also be checked on all cross browsers to ensure that it resizes perfectly for all devices.

To sum up the 2 case studies reviewed above, we can say that the usability of a website certainly will foreshadow the visitor response rate.

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