Web Design: Halloween Web Design Tips

Halloween web design

As Halloween is coming up, there are some great web design trends to dig into. Halloween is a great holiday that can be promoted onto a website. Web visitors love websites that do showcase holidays. Discover below the best Halloween Web Design Tips.

Halloween Design tip Number 1. Spooky Setting. A custom load page to introduce your website is a great way to put web visitors in a Halloween mood. A great load page idea for this specific holiday would be adding a black background with heavy fog and a magic castle. Or if you are sporting a minimal design, a candy corn page with a white background would also be another great Halloween design idea for a load page.

Halloween Design tip Number 2. CSS Mash Up. Add a temporary Halloween color scheme to your website. This color scheme does not need to change your main website elements like the background. A slight color scheme can be emphasized on certain hover actions, box shadows, or link highlights.

A Halloween web design in October is a great way to draw more visitors into your website and increase interaction on page!

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