Web Design: Design a Movie Site

movie site web design

Every business needs a custom web design for their brand. When designing a movie website for a featured film, there are certain elements that must always be the same for every movie page designed, read below.

Elements Required for Designing a Movie Sites

1.Video Background or HD Image. The production company must release an official video or HD image from the movie which will allow you to display it on the main page of the website or the background of the entire website.

2. Protection Integration. Being that featured films have tons of legal rules when it comes to imagery and video rights. Every video on the website must be protected from users taking the image or even hot linking the image(s), which would be a minus in terms of SEO. Protecting images and content on a movie site is required.

3.Page Transition Effects. Most movie websites want to give the users a feel of the movie through the website. Page transitions certainly put web visitors in a mood of curiosity. Page transitions will increase the chance of web interaction.

4.Wide Screen and Responsive Layout. Most websites about major featured film want to be as big as possible. Magnified websites are always impressive for visitors browsing the web in smaller devices. A movie web design layout should be full screen and responsive to display the move on every inch of the screen.

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