Website Design: Speed, Color, and Responsive

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Color Mood- A simple color sets a tone to the eye.A color like black will often emphasize a sense of seriousness. A color like yellow will often be portrayed to be youthful, cheerful, and vibrant.  A color like red will portray passion and aggression. Selecting the perfect color for your website is composed of 2 factors. The first factor relays on your brand. What does your business represent? Do you have something to offer a client that is more serious or do you have something to offer a client that is more fun and spontaneous in a sense.  Differentiating these 2 items can lead you to selecting your first color shade. The second factor that you must do requires a bit of research. Its not to compare. See what other companies are inside your business field and notice what is the most common color that they have. Now, the goal isn't to be alike with anyone else here, but its just to get an idea and stray too far away from your business category.

Responsive- A responsive website design is now the must do for all sites out there. If you are still sporting the old static theme, its time to have a let go. A responsive website can auto size itself for multiple screen sizes. This will make your website more user friendly and at the same time it has been proven to decrease bounce rates.

Need for Speed- here is a need for speed in the web industry. Focus on your website speed. Compare your current loading speed by an online loading measuring site. If your website loads too slow, chances are that people will go to another website that loads up faster. Having a fast loading website can provide better results for your website in search engines and at the same time please your viewers.
Follow these above website tips and see your results!

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