Web Design UI Animations

Top Six Web Design Trends: UI Animations, Responsive Design, Color, and Page Speed



1- Interactive UI Animations.

UI Animations are becoming the latest web design trend. UI Animations are interactive web animations that tell a digital story. These animations are become more and more popular due to the feedback of the average user. A UI Animation will give off a great first impression and will keep a web visitor even longer on the website.


UI Design Tip: Always test that your animation doesn’t run too heavy and make sure it works on mobile devices.


2- Full Screen Video Backgrounds.

Full-screen video backgrounds almost look like live movies. Video backgrounds are not interactive with the website visitor, but the large display will make the average person interested to see what happens next. When dealing with full-screen videos, always remember to see how heavy your website weights.The slower a website, the increasing the bounce rate. A web developer might need to lower the quality of a video to abandon those extra kbs from the site.


Video Background Tip: By cutting the length of the video, the video will run much lighter!


3- Responsive Layout.

Responsive website design is no longer a maybe option. Responsive web design has become the new trend and almost standard that is here to stay for a long long time! What a responsive web design does, it automatically resizes to every screen size presented. A responsive design does the work by itself and pleases all devices. Without a responsive web design, the average web visitor would most likely exit out the site. The reason why? Well, when over ninety percent of websites are responsive on the web, a regular website visitor will expect the same and if their expectancies aren’t met, they won’t try too hard to figure out a web page. The ultimate goal in web design is to showcase the business and please the website visitor.


Responsive Layout Tip: By using the Media Queries rule, a website can be made responsive easily! Please note: 1024px,768px, and 480px are the web display breaking points.


4- Mobile Friendly Web Design.

A mobile friendly design has become the latest trend and new web design standard. Even google webmaster tools will recommend to every developer to make their website mobile friendly. Due to the massive use of mobile devices, more individuals are using their cellular devices than a desktop device. When going to the future, mobile devices will become even more popular than they are now,but this is just the start of the era. By making your web design mobile friendly, google will be in favor and web visibility will increase.


Mobile Friendly Web Design Tip: Take away the on mobile pinch zoom on a web page and increase the font size!


5- Color Enhance.

Colors are becoming even more saturated on the web. Flat design and enhanced colors are very popular in web design this year. Color vibrancy will attract the eye even more than plain Jane colors. So, with that said, remember there is a difference between color saturation and brightness. Colors that are too bright are not favored. Colors that are enhanced, meaning the color is increased, that is the favored!


Color Tip: When designing a website color scheme, always remember to have the colors represent the business and use the same color layout throughout the website.


6- Faster Web Page.

Web page speed has always been important,but with this new mobile trend kicking in, web page speed is now a priority. The faster a website loads, the faster a regular web visitor can get access to the site. The slower a website loads, the faster a website visit will leave the website. Speeding up a web page for desktop and mobile devices is very important. Developers should always practice clean coding methods when designing a website. CSS is an example of this. Some developers may write a line 7 times when they can just do it once. Good thing there is compression to auto fix those mistakes.


Web Page Speed Tip: Lowering the number of HTTP requests on a browser will do the trick and speed up a web page. The more HTTP requests, the longer list of items the web browser has to load. The fewer items a web page has to load, the faster it will get to opening up.


The above web tips are a mix of website design trends and SEO methods. The reason why these two mix is primarily because a great web design is nothing without SEO. SEO makes a web page visible on the web. So if a web design looks great,but opens up too slow and is low in rankings, no one will be able to see the website. Developers must always focus on creating a visually outstanding web design and at the same time practicing clean methods of SEO.