Wonderful Wordpress Integrations you should know about

wordpress integrations

Wordpress starts off with a logo in a big blue and white W, this is a very memorable logo that most people are familiar with. Wordpress has brought coders and non-coders to use the same platform together. Did you ever think that MIT level developers and regular people with no coding knowledge what so ever would use the same program? Well, fast forward 2017 and it has officially happened.

Wordpress is the ruling content management system of our time. The reason why? Well, WordPress has made it much easier to publish a post. With regular syntax, a blog must first be placed inside an HTML or PHP template and then ftp’d onto the server. Wordpress integrates beautifully with MySQL and doesn’t require a person to FTP any file up to the server. In further detail, Wordpress has created all the coding magic on the back end and set up a user-friendly dashboard design on the front end. To move forward, let's go onto discussing the various integration that WordPress has. Wordpress is known for its large library of plugins and themes. Read below and find out the top WordPress integration.


Search engine optimization is mandatory for every website to get ranked. A great SEO score converts to a great web visibility score. Wordpress has tons of plugins that offer free SEO optimization.


Clearing cache every now and then is always a good refreshing practice to do. Clearing out cache will ensure that a website is up to date with the newest upgrades to be seen and it will perform much faster.


Wordpress has many plugins that can push an SSL certificate onto a particular WordPress page or directory. With so many loopholes out there, an SSL certificate is necessary for all websites to have. It ensures more web security and website trustability.

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